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Energy Procurement

Here are the facts regarding energy procurement:

  • Instead of having a monopoly supplier, there are now hundreds of energy suppliers.  The competition between suppliers means lower prices for you.

  • There is no legal cap on what ESCOs can charge you for your supply.  Are you paying too much?  Can you obtain cheaper energy with another company?  


With so many suppliers, it is hard to know which one to choose.  Troy & Banks has identified the best suppliers and programs available in your area.  Our non-biased position allows us to help you to select the best and most affordable energy for your money.  We are not associated with any ESCO.  Our job is to provide you with the most affordable prices and products for your company's needs, not to work in conjunction with any particular ESCO.


Green Power:

  • Troy & Banks can assist your company with buying green power at the specific level that you want, from 25% - 100% green. 


Contact us to find out more about our energy procurement services.

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