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Troy & Banks offers a wide variety of audits including utility, telecommunications, cable franchise, street light and municipality gross receipts tax audits. Click below to find more information on each of the provided audits.

Energy Curtailment and Procurement


Troy & Banks' assist companies in establishing what energy curtailment program provides the most reward. For those states with energy procurement available, Troy & Banks will assist consumers on choosing their Energy Supply Companies.

Street Light Consulting & LED Solutions

Amendments were recently created that established procedures for the transfer of ownership of streetlights and supporting infrastructure from a public utility to a municipality or other government entity. Troy & Banks, alongside their partners, offers a full service, efficient alternative for municipal public lighting systems.

New York City Benchmarking

In December 2009, New York City passed the Local Law 84.  This law requires that all buildings which meet a certain size requirement must benchmark, or input their energy usage into an online benchmarking program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency known as "Portfolio Manager." Failure to benchmark will result in a penalty of $500, with continued failure to benchmark leading to a $500 penalty per quarter per violation.

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