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Cable Franchise Audit

Local governments have the right to require cable operators to enter into a cable franchise

agreement that permits the cable operator to utilize the streets and roads of the municipality.

Since municipalities are the ones managing those streets and roads, they are entitled to a

reasonable return on the cable operator's use of those public streets and roads. However,

municipalities often don't collect the correct amount of revenue from the cable operators due

to changing state and local franchise fee laws. 

The most effective way for municipalities to hold the cable operator accountable for past franchise

fee payments and future entitled franchise fee revenues is through a franchise fee audit. A cable

franchise fee audit conducted by Troy & Banks includes: 

  1. Review the Client's franchise agreements and related ordinances

  2. On-site visits to franchise, if necessary, to examine relevant data and supporting documentation

  3. Identify all revenue sources by classification, verify calculations and search for unreported revenues

  4. Examine cable operator's database to determine if all active addresses within Client's legal boundaries were included in franchise fee remittances

  5. Recalculate the franchise fee due the Client using the approved rates

  6. Issue a report summarizing and explaining our findings

  7. Negotiate a financial settlement with the cable operator if an underpayment exists 

Please review and complete the documents below to begin the Cable Franchise Audit process.

To Begin a Troy & Banks Cable Audit

Cable Client Agreement

Cable Letter of Authorization

Troy & Banks auditors have recovered more than $4,000,000 for our clients throughout the country. Below are some of our notable recoveries:

City of Buffalo, NY: $302,317

Town of Dewitt, NY: $261,233

Canton Township, MI: $53,000

City of Pullman, WA: $22,246

Town of Niscayuna, NY: $91,640

Waterford Township, MI: $1,161

City of Huntington, WV: $160,592

City of Saginaw, MI: $30,000

Town of Cheektowaga, NY: $661,366

Town of Tonawanda, NY: $160,679

Town of Dewitt, NY: $261,233

City of Bellingham, WA: $199,260

Town of Greece, NY: $118,866

Town of Salina, NY: $113,831

City of Inkster , MI: $47,932

Town of Newburgh, NY: $65,504

Town of Oyster Bay, NY: $325,000

Town of Smithtown, NY: $175,000

Town of Colonie, NY: $68,568

City of Eldorado, KS: $11,956

City of Savage, MN: $7,237

Town of Grand Island, NY: $83,438

City of Buford, GA: $76,906

City of South Bend, IN: $133,167

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