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Troy & Banks is a professional cost management and consulting firm specializing in solutions to reduce utility and telecommunication expenses. From forensic audits to rate analysis and optimizations, negotiation and procurement, as well as other related utility and telecommunication cost recovery, management and consulting services, Troy & Banks has you covered on all your energy and telecommunication needs. Our services have saved clients millions of dollars.


During these challenging times caused by the Covid19 Pandemic, an uncertain economy, civil unrest and severe budget deficits, almost all municipalities, school districts and businesses are now focused on reducing costs and increasing revenues! Troy & Banks audit services can help you create revenue and save money with minimal staff time and no out of pocket expenses.



Since 1991, Troy & Banks has saved its clients over $750 million in utility and telecommunication costs. Over 20,000 clients nationwide have benefited from our services.


Find out more about the savings and services that Troy & Banks has been able to provide many clients.



2216 Kensington Avenue 

Buffalo, NY 14226-4812

Telephone (716) 839-4402

Toll Free 1-800-499-8599

Fax (716) 839-4452

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