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Energy Curtailment

There's nothing smart about causing a black out by using too much energy. But preventing blackouts and getting money? Now that's smart.

Energy curtailment programs offer great financial rewards for companies who reduce their energy usage during peak hours. By reducing your energy load to prevent a blackout, the energy service provider will reward you with financial incentives. We research your company to help you know what to turn off during the events.

Troy & Banks does a thorough analysis of your company to make sure your curtailment program meets your company's specific needs. We research your company to know exactly what to turn off in order to meet the quota so your company can receive money. Our curtailment programs offer great incentives including: 

  • Competitive payouts
  • No financial penalties for non-participation
  • Customer choice of when to shed or generate load
  • Payments made for both demand and energy reduction
  • Summer and winter eligibility

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