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Solid Waste, Garbage and Recycling Audits

By evaluating and auditing your solid waste, garbage and recycling bills and services, Troy & Banks is able make certain that you are paying the lowest prices for proper service levels. There are dozens of variables that affect your disposal bills and provide the opportunity for savings and/or refunds. Some common errors discovered include questionable billing methods, inconsistencies with billing charges, high service rates, excessive annual rate increase and breaches of provisions in the service agreement.

Our garbage and recycling audits are successful due to our knowledge of various technologies, applications, equipment and vendors that can reduce expenses upwards of 30 to 40%. Our waste audit includes:

  • Searching for billing errors on overcharges for equipment, transportation disposal and improper service levels

  • Eliminating duplicate charges

  • Improving waste handling, storage and transportation efficiency

  • Increasing the effectiveness of CLIENTS program

  • Negotiating an improved service contract with vendors

  • Introducing innovative technology and state-of-the-art waste handling methods

The audit includes confirming that the charges and fees you are paying align with the current service agreement. Troy & Banks will develop cost saving options to current on-site services, charges and fees through a complete market study and acquisition of competitive service bids from alternative haulers.

Your current waste stream, how it is being handled and where it is going will all be evaluated. We will review your invoices to determine if the charges and credits correlate with your service capacities and frequencies. We will also determine what can be eliminated and/or reused. From there we will put together a program that fulfills your company's needs while minimizing costs. Additionally, we review the type and size of each container at each location, complete a survey for each location to determine the amount and type of waste disposed of in your containers and provide a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations, with a detailed report of your refund recovery and anticipated monthly and annual savings per location.

Contact us to find out more about our solid waste, garbage and recycling services.

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