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75% of organizations have errors or savings opportunities on their utility bills .  Do yours?

Most in-house auditors do not have the time or expertise to carefully review invoices for complex billing issues.

We can review your electric, gas, fuel, water, sewer, and steam bills.  Our comprehensive Energy Audit services include:

  • Contingency-based audit.  Our fees are paid from the refund or reduction in the costs charged to your organization.  We only get paid when you get a refund or savings!
  • Comprehensive review of your utility bills.  We will identify errors related to:
  1. Meter-read errors
  2. Rates not in accordance with your contracts
  3. Meter malfunctions
  4. Wrong meter types installed by the utility
  5. Clerical errors in bill computations
  6. Incorrect factors applied by the utility


So, how does the audit process begin?  Click here to go to our document download page to see all that we need in order to start your review. 

Following our receipt of that information, our expert analysts and consultants carefully review up to six years of billings for mistakes and illegal charges.  Many of our auditors have worked for utility and telecommunication companies or public service commissions prior to joining our firm.  This means they are able to catch mistakes other auditors might have overlooked.

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