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Street light costs amount up to 40% of municipalities' energy bills.  Are you paying for more lights than you should?

Troy & Banks will review your municipality's street lighting bills for errors and overcharges.  Our investigation includes:

  1. A reconciliation of the utility's street light inventory with your street light bill. 
  2. An on-site investigation of your street lights to determine wattage, equipment, and placement of your street lights and a reconciliation of the information found in the field with your bill.


In many cases, utility companies have been billing for street lights that don't even exist.  If billing errors do exist, we will secure a refund and correct the error going forward.  As with our other audit programs, a street light audit is on a contingency-basis.  If you do not receive a refund or experience savings, there is no fee for our service.

Any municipality is eligible for the audit, regardless of size.  Our street light auditing programs have recovered and saved municipalities millions of dollars, so why wait?  Click here to go to our document download page to see all that we need in order to start your review.

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