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Common Objections

Here is a list of common objections to a utility / telecommunications audit and our response to them:

  1. I already have staff who review our bills.

    Many staff members do not have the time or expertise to review bills for complex billing issues.  In addition, we have former utility, telephone, and public service commission employees on our staff.  Their experience enables them to know what is a correct charge vs. an incorrect one. This is all we do, so we are experts at it.
  2. I had an audit done by another company recently.  Why should I have an audit done by Troy & Banks?

    Even other companies can miss things that we catch.  Because of our expertise and staff experience, we have a wealth of knowledge that we bring to the audit process.  Plus, with our contingency-basis, there is no cost to participate in an audit.
  3. I don't have the time to have an audit done.

    We know people are busy, so we are very time-sensitive of the time required to participate in an audit.  All that we need to begin is a complete, current copy of all of your utility and phone bills, a 1-page agreement specifying our contingency-based review, and a letter of authorization (LOA) from you to your utility and phone providers, allowing us to access your billing history.  (We even have the LOA template already prepared, so all you have to do is copy and paste it onto your letterhead).

Have other questions or concerns?  Give us a call and let us answer them for you.

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