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Is your municipality receiving all of the revenue that you are due from your cable franchise provider?  Troy & Banks can review your agreements to determine if any underpayments exist.  Here is what our cable franchise fee audit includes:

  1. Review the Client's franchise agreements and related ordinances
  2. On-site visits, if necessary, to franchise to examine relevant data and supporting documentation
  3. Identify all revenue sources by classification, verify calculations and search for unreported revenues
  4. Examine cable operator's database to determine if all active addresses within Client's legal boundaries were included in franchise fee remittances
  5. Recalculate the franchise fee due the Client using the approved rates
  6. Issue a report summarizing and explaining our findings
  7. Negotiate a financial settlement with the cable operator if an underpayment exists 


Click here to go to our document download page to see all that we need in order to start your review.

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